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Here we will keep you updated about any news on our projects.

By Foley Factory, Nov 22 2017 02:06PM

What a day! The Foley Factory team was on a field trip. Recording explosion sounds was challenging and exciting, not only for our friendly neighbours:) Thanks a lot Franziska Treutler, Henning Penske-Chigir, Till Aldinger, Matty Mattinson and Christoph Treutler for all your hard work. We are very pleased with the results. Boom!

The explosion sound collection can be purchased on

By Foley Factory, Mar 1 2017 09:00AM

Working on the foley for this very cute cartoon was a lot of fun and very creative! Finally we could use all of our child toy props and it has been fantastic working within the international team.

By Foley Factory, Jan 11 2017 01:50PM

Working on the mini series Madiba was amazing. We couldn't wait watching the new episodes to prepare our recordings. We can highly recommend watching the series. An outstanding show with the fabulous Laurence Fishburn as Nelson Mandela.

Watch the trailer on Youtube here.

Madiba on IMDB.