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Welcome to our News page.


Here we will keep you updated about current and upcoming projects we are doing the foley for.

By Foley Factory, Jan 11 2017 01:50PM

Working on the mini series Madiba was amazing. We couldn't wait watching the new episodes to prepare our recordings. We can highly recommend watching the series. An outstanding show with the fabulous Laurence Fishburn as Nelson Mandela.

By Foley Factory, May 2 2016 03:46PM

Butterfly Kisses is a new and upcoming film we have recently worked for, directed by Rafael Kapelinski.

Since 2006, Kapelinski has created some of the most distinctive short films that have won over twenty-five international awards.

His first feature film 'Butterfly Kisses' uncovers taboo subjects like paeodophilia and pornogrpahy with teenage boys. The three boys, Jamie, Kyle and Jarred's lives seem to revolve around sex and porn, but secret desires soon turn to obsessions which no teeage boy would usually have.

Working on the foley tracks was fantastic. We focussed on supporting the story by creating different vibes like tension and ease, confusion or secrecy. We feel lucky participating in many good and interesting films, we always have lots to discuss in our breaks.

By Foley Factory, Apr 25 2016 05:15PM

The film of 'Alley Cats', by director Ian Bonhote, is a fast paced action/thriller that focuses on the underground illegal bike racing in London with some well known cast members, such as Eleanor Tomlinson (Jack the Giant Slayer) or Jordan Stephens (Rizzle Kicks).

Working on the foley for the film was rather interesting as we were using a couple of fixiie bikes in the

studio that we did borrow from friends in Berlin (thank you;).

In order to create that unique fixie bike sound, we used bike oil to get the typical whirring

sound of the wheels.

This made a captivating sound for the foley as it sounded realistic and perfectly matched the bikes.

Also, we had to get in some pairs of Vans shoes as most of the characters wore them, so to get an authentic foot step sound and still get each character their own pair of shoes; we were using lots of Vans.

The director has been interviewed about the film, and he explained the context of the story, like how people in London started to use bikes more after the bombings of 7th July, 2005 as people became afriad of using public transport. He also explained a little bit about bike couriers (like the characters in the film) and how they would take items around the city for people and companies.

At this point in time, there is not trailer or release date, so we will keep you updated and recommend watching it, because the story is really exciting!

By Foley Factory, Apr 18 2016 04:16PM

Currently working on the movie The Journey is the Destination is a touching experience. The film about 22 year old Dan Eldon (Ben Schnetzler) and his journey to help and participate in charity work in Africa is based on the true story of Dan Eldon who was stoned to death along with three other collegeues as he was working as a photographer.

Dan Eldon was born on September 18 1970, his mother was American and his father was British. When he was seven years old, Dan and his three year old sister Amy moved to Kenya with their parents. When he lived there, he started charity work at the age of 14. When he was 15 he started to write beautiful diaries where he glued in photographs and comical pictures to descirbe his surroundings.

Before his death, Dan had managed to visit 42 countries around the world where he had taken unique pictures.

On July 12, 1993, Dan and three of his colleagues raced across Mogadishu to cover the bombing of what was thought to be General Aideed’s headquarters. In the ensuing confusion, all four young men were beaten, clubbed and stoned to death by an angry mob furious about the death of over 50 of their friends, fathers, and brothers at the hands of U.S. and U.N. soldiers.

Overall, we think that this film is great and is worth watching and is due to be released soon.

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