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In our 130 ft long shelving unit, which is accessable from the recording room from each side  through 3 doors, a huge variety of props are easy to reach and close at hand.


We have a great collection of props and are constantly extending our library in order to produce a sound that is matching the picture very precisely.  


And of course, everything is labeled and categorized, so we keep our mess under control at all times.

Our first step in every production is communication.

This way we can be sure we meet the needs of everyone else involved in the audio post production process.

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Our freelance foley artists are the best in the industry, so every project is in well established hands!

We record on Protools HD with multiple mic techniques.

We have a Foley Emergency Service where we deliver foley files in

24 hours. So, if you are working on a deadline and you need a custom made sound very quickly and without any hassle please get in touch at any time.

We can cater for all types of sounds including foley for film, games and animation.


We are dedicated to deliver high quality foley using state of the art equipment and well selected materials.


In order to generate natural foot step sounds, we have a large variety of surfaces available. There is anything you can imagine on our floor including sand, gravel, grass, marble, tarmac, paving, cobbles, spaced floor boards, tiles, snow imitation, parquet, carpet, lino, several exterior dirt versions and more.

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We worked for:

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